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You can’t teach the bad out of bad people…

Okay this is fucking stupid, you can teach a person not to rape because they’re fucking people with the ABILITY TO LEARN- fire can’t learn, bacon can’t learn, and the internet can’t learn but people can

This is demonstrably untrue, being a rapist is a pathology. Life tip: If you don’t understand psychology, it’s best to avoid commenting on the subject to avoid appearing ignorant.

You’re all right, and you all need to shut the fuck up about how right you think you are, because arguing the semantics of shit like this is not going to fix anything.

Yes, serial rape is a pathological behavior. But yes, people who are not pathological rapists engage in rapey behavior because of societal conditioning. No, pathologies cannot be fixed (yet). But yes, society and the effects of its conditioning can, and most definitely should.

Here is a real “life tip”. Before attacking a point of view because it does not align with your knowledge, step back and understand that your point of view may not align with theirs. That way, an actual dialogue can occur. I really do believe the fields of psychology and social justice have a lot to learn from each other, but that mutual learning process will happen at an unfairly slow pace if we all keep this shit up. /endrant

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What are you views on Christians kissing while in courtship or dating ?


I try not to view them. It’s rude to stare. 

Courtship Dating
Crystal Castles


Courtship Dating - Crystal Castles 

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